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Ево моје кратке биографије. Опрости што је на енглеском. Некако ми звучи зезнутије овако, а и није ми се дало апдејтовати је па сам узео најљепшу коју имам, а коју нисам писао ја.

Đorđe Jovančić (b. 1992) is a composer, producer and music educator from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He completed his studies in accordion at the secondary music school in East Sarajevo in 2011. He is currently a fourth-year undergraduate student at the Academy of Music of the University of Sarajevo, Department of Composition in the class of Prof. Ališer Sijarić. Đorđe is the winner of the "Dražen Ričl" award for the best young composer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was awarded to him by the Association of Composers - AMUS in 2016. He is the winner of a special award of the seventh "Pre-Art" competition (2013) in Zurich (Switzerland) for young composers from the countries of Southeast Europe. His works have been performed around the world at acclaimed concerts, festivals and competitions, from Moscow to New York's Carnegie Hall.


In the past years he participated in numerous seminars with various professors. Among them he was particularly influenced by the "Estill Voice Models" course with Prof. Anne-Marie Speed (Royal Academy of Music, London) and composition masterclass with Philippe Manoury (Strasbourg/IRCAM). Đorđe's creative opus consists of works of instrumental music (works for solo instruments and chamber works), vocal music (choral works) and vocal-instrumental music (solo songs, compositions for voice and instrument, compositions for mixed ensembles and voice). As a composer, he has collaborated with many domestic and European ensembles, including the National Academic Symphony Orchestra of Belarus. Among his many commissions, the one for the occasion of the opening of the renovated City Hall in Sarajevo in 2014 stands out, as this event was broadcast by all European countries, members of the EBU.


Besides his work in classical composition, Đorđe pursues versatile activity in musical collaboration in different fields of music. He is the author of the composition which broke the Guinness Record in the most crowded piano playing on December 12, 2017, in Sarajevo, when 20 young pianists played one piano at the same time. He is also active in the field of applied music (audio design, music for theatre and film). He contributed to numerous television, theatre and concert productions in which he was engaged as an executive and music producer, including Bosnian renditions of the musicals "The Lion King" and "Frozen", musical - stage performance "Here's To Life" and others. He was a member of the international jury of the "Eurovision" song contest in 2016 and the Swedish national festival "Melodifestivalen" for the selection of the song by the representative of Sweden at Eurovision in 2016.


In 2013 Đorđe founded Basics School – an independent initiative for community music and elementary music education for children. Until the present day, more than 550 of them have made their first steps in music.


In 2016 he founded MAUBIH, an independent platform for young multimedia artists, dedicated to audio, video, theatre and concert production. It has produced over 100 hours of final audio and video material consisting of movies, series, TV shows, commercials, songs, audio branding and classical music albums, as well as 15 live concerts and four theatre productions which were seen by an audience of 15000.


In recent years, his focus is the development of his compositional practice through research guided by his experience in acoustic music as well as that in electroacoustic, electronic and multimedia means and strategies, positioning himself within the multimedia space of 21st-century contemporary artistic discourse.

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